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Client Testimonials

It’s been 5 years since we have been using units supplied by them. The ATMOS units are easy to mount & require very little time for commissioning. Their dedicated Dubai Service Centre provides us excellent support for all of our projects in the Gulf Region. They are prompt, skilled & ensure timely execution of projects.
Crane OEM, UAE


Installation & commissioning of new units. Break down and Repair. Supply of spares.
  • Prompt Installation & Commissioning Support through nearest Service Centre.
  • All Commissioning spares supplied with the Air Conditioner.
  • Service technician is equipped with the necessary tools & tackles to carry out the I&C in shortest time.
  • Any Breakdown to be attended within 8-12hrs if informed in working day otherwise attended on next day.
  • Detailed log sheet submitted with commissioning parameters & unit performance before leaving site.
  • AMC service with necessary team stationed full time at site to maintain high rates of unit availability.
  • Detailed reporting procedure observed for AMC work and Weekly/Monthly/ Quarterly Reports are generated for customer review.
  • General breakdown calls are dealt 24X7 by phone through our highly experienced service engineer.


Atmos offers maintenance service contracts to ensure efficient functioning of the installed systems


  • The first benefit of preventive maintenance is that it increases the efficiency, cooling and life of your equipment.
  • It conserves energy and prevents breakdown of the equipment during critical times of operation.
  • Regular servicing & checks on all Refrigerant components ensure they are only replaced after completing their lifecycle & not before.
  • Routine maintenance checks indirectly reduce costs since the components do not require complete overhauling since they are regularly checked for any mechanical or electrical issues.
  • Ensures the safety of the person who is working with the machine by reducing any risks pertaining to accidents due to sudden mechanical or electrical failure.
  • Overall increases the production output due to higher unit availability & directly impacting end user profitability.


  • Indoor and outdoor unit filter cleaning.
  • Regular Checking of discharge and suction pressure of refrigerant system.
  • Quarterly preventive Maintenance and servicing of the unit including condensing unit & interconnecting pipeline.
  • All interlock and safety devices are checked.
  • Immediate support by the stationed technician whenever called upon.
  • Regular inspection of condenser & evaporator coil for cleaning.
  • Compressor amperage check to assess correct operation.
  • Electrical connections to condenser, evaporator & compressor motors are checked.
  • Annual inspection of frame body to check for any corrosion.
  • Replacing of refrigerant required as a result of leak in the system.
  • Lubricating the bearing of motors and fans whenever found necessary.
  • Annual servicing of electrical control panel only related with air-conditioning.
  • Detailed report of the A/c unit will be made and will be handed over to customer for their reference. Any repairs required will be informed immediately.


  • We are committed to the Heavy Duty Crane Air Conditioning Business.
  • We want to ensure that our end users such as Steel plant air conditioning and maintenance departments are always updated about the latest technology used in our products & have in depth understanding of the installed system.
  • Contact our office for next upcoming seminar.


  • Our trained service professionals are always available to visit your site to perform a detailed unit health check.
  • Recommended at least once every year before beginning of summer season.


Abnormal operation, Odd Sound/Noise, Machine tripping & general trouble shooting.

The air conditioner does not cool or heat the room well?

  • Check refrigerant suction pressure level as per Manual.
  • Check if any reduction in fan speed.
  • Check air-filter for any blockage.
  • Check tripping due LP/HP or Over Load Protection.

The air conditioner does not operate. (Operation lamp is off.)

  • Check main power supply.
  • Check phase preventer relay.
  • Check compressor motor O/L relay.
  • Check condenser motor O/L relay.
  • Check evaporator fan O/L relay.
  • Check LP/HP pressure of the system.

Operation stops unexpectedly. (Operation alarm lamp is on.)?

  • Check phase preventer relay.
  • Check compressor motor O/L relay.
  • Check condenser motor O/L relay.
  • Check evaporator fan O/L relay.
  • Check LP/HP pressure of the system.
  • Check for compressor internal trip due to high ambient temperature.

Evaporator coils are frozen?

  • Check if return air filter is choked.
  • Evaporator fan not working.
  • Evaporator fan speed is slow.
  • Evaporator fan blade fully rusted due to corrosion.
  • Expansion valve malfunctioning.
  • Refrigerant leakage.
  • Obstacle in return air path.

An odd noise occurs during operation?

  • Check evaporator fan bearing or mounting nuts.
  • Check all cover panels of air conditioners as may have gotten lose due to vibration.
  • Evaporator fan blade touching frame during operation.

An unpleasant odor is detected during operation of the air conditioner?

  • Check for any burnt wiring.
  • Check for overheating of evaporator fan.
  • Check for overheating of any electrical components in control panel.
  • Check for burnt winding of Evaporator fan motor.

Air blown from air conditioner has a burnt odor?

  • Blower motor winding may brunt / overheated.
  • blower fan wiring brunt.

Condensate evaporator is not discharges water or steam?

  • Check drain pipe line may chocked.

Mist comes out of the indoor unit?

  • Check Return air-filter may chocked.
  • check blower fan speed.
  • condensate water excess due to room door open and close in short period / usually the door open.
  • blower fan run in wrong direction.
  • Refrigerant short/leakage.
  • Expansion valve malfunctioning.

Water leaks from the indoor unit?

  • Drain water may chock.
  • indoor unit not balance positioning.
  • Low temperature setting.

How often should I clean the air filters?

  • Air filters installed in the air conditioners should be air cleaned after every 15 days.

Tripping on starting the air conditioner?

  • Check main power supply from MCB.
  • Check fuse in control panel.
  • Check phase preventer. Power supply may have been given with phase reverse, phase unbalance or missing phase.
  • Controller Transformer is defective or burnt.

Condensate evaporator is not discharging water or steam?

  • Check if drain pipe line is choked.

Mist comes out of the indoor unit?

  • Check if Return air-filter is choked.
  • Higher humidity level if enclosure door is left open.
  • Evaporator fan running in reverse direction.
  • Expansion valve malfunctioning.

Water leaks from the indoor unit?

  • Check if drain pipe line is choked.
  • Indoor unit is not installed symmetrically.
  • Very Low temperature setting.

General Recommendations

  • Regular cleaning practice & checking of electrical connections.
  • Fortnightly cleaning of filters.
  • Fortnightly tightening of all electrical connections.
  • Clean outdoor condenser coil only with compressed air/air blower.
  • Don’t use water/chemical for cleaning condenser coil/evaporator coil.